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SKYCTC Learning Commons

News Sources at SKYCTC: Getting Started

A list of library resources specializing in news and media provided by SKYCTC Learning Commons

Newspapers & News Databases

General Databases

Includes Newspaper sources and also reference information, audiovisual clips, peer-reviewed journal articles, magazine articles, statistics, and more! See menu options to limit to full-text, by publication date, and resource format (ex: Newspapers).


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Analyze News Sources

How to Spot Fake News

Why Use Newspapers?

Newspapers have unique qualities that make them a great source for finding:

  • In-depth coverage of a particular country, state or city
  • Reports on activities of state and local government
  • Obituaries and other genealogical information
  • First-hand accounts of events
  • Editorial analysis of news and events
  • Up-to-date coverage of breaking news
  • Historic research in news archives

Why use Newspaper databases?

Most newspapers have websites with news and historical archives. However, the SKYCTC Library subscribes to several newspaper databases that offer advantages over searching newspapers directly on the Web:

  • Search more than one newspaper at the same time
  • Powerful keyword search engines
  • Deep historic news archives
  • Access to content that costs money on the Web

A word of caution

While newspapers are reliable sources of information on current events and issues, they are not considered scholarly resources. Please check your instructor's assignment guidelines to know whether or not newspapers may be used for your paper or project.

Find Background Information

Why is background information important? 

  • Provides an overview of an unfamiliar topic.
  • Give you basic information about a topic like definitions & summaries.
  • Helps you broaden or narrow your search. 

Reference materials, such as encyclopedias and dictionaries, are great sources of background information.